This summary provides insights into Chainlink (LINK) cryptocurrency and its potential future movements using Elliott Wave analysis. Kittiampon Somboonsod's 4-hour Elliott Wave chart suggests that Wave 5 is typically around 0.618 times the length of Wave 1 through Wave 3. Additionally, the daily chart indicates that Wave V is expected to conclude around the 4.926 level, with a five-wave rise confirming this projection. These technical analyses offer valuable information for those interested i...
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This summary provides a technical analysis and price prediction for Chainlink (LINK) using Elliott Wave charts by Kittiampon Somboonsod. Chainlink has shown strong recovery from the 4.926 level and has formed a promising five-wave structure, indicating the potential for a new upward trend. However, the price remains below the MA200 line, resulting in selling pressure. It is advised to wait for a reversal in wave ((2)) before considering rejoining the trend. This analysis is valuable for those in...
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In this technical analysis, Kittiampon Somboonsod examines the Elliott Wave patterns of Chainlink (LINKUSD) on 4-hour and daily charts. The analysis suggests that the cryptocurrency is currently experiencing a downtrend, with wave 3 showing a clear downward trend. The price of LINK is below the MA200 line, indicating a bearish outlook. The analysis predicts that wave 3 could find support around the level of 4.961. This analysis provides insights into the potential future price movement of Chainl...
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Elliott Wave analysis conducted by Kittiampon Somboonsod highlights the downward trajectory of Chainlink (LINKUSD) in the current market conditions. The analysis focuses on the 4-hour and daily charts, revealing a sustained downtrend for the cryptocurrency. Based on the decline of wave 3, the price of Chainlink remains below the MA200 line, indicating a clear downward trend. The 4-hour chart suggests that wave 3 is likely to find support at 4.129. Similarly, the daily chart supports this bear...
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