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On this website, you’ll find a large and growing collection of charts and videos, made with an emphasis on providing the highest quality information possible to TradingLounge members. Each video report you’ll find here features Peter’s analysis, designed to serve the needs of both day traders and longer-term traders.

Each report is the result of years of market pattern recognition, paired with Peter’s unique ‘TradingLevels’ view and Elliott Wave Theory. Our global range of charts utilize Elliott Wave Theory.

Our mission is to provide the tools to build knowledge leading to improved results for all our Members. To accomplish that goal, we are committed to producing world class content that we are proud to stand behind.

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Peter Mathers

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Peter Mathers started actively trading in 1982. He began his career at Hoei and Shoin, a Japanese futures trading company. After learning Japanese analysis techniques, Peter moved to Sydney where he worked for various broking houses, furthering his practical knowledge of derivative markets.

Extending his passion overseas, Peter travelled to Britain where he studied both the UK and US markets. When Peter returned to Australia, he updated his qualifications and went on to write and deliver advanced trading workshops for global leaders in foreign exchange and derivative trading, including CMC Markets, City Index, Invast and others. As a well-seasoned trader, with an aptitude for investor education, Peter obtained the necessary licences to establish TradingLounge and offer education and trading support to traders and investors.

Alessio Barretta

Elliott Wave Analyst for US Stocks

Alessio opened his first trading account when he turned 18. As an inexperienced trader, it didn’t take long for him to lose all of the money he started with, but that early experience taught him a number of valuable lessons, not the least of which was the need for a more studious, strategic approach to investing.

After experimenting with a number of different Technical Analysis strategies, his father gave him a copy of “The Wave Principle.” That started him on a course that led him to become an Elliott Wave analyst, a posting he has held strongly with TradingLounge. The practical experience, combined with his soon to be completed degree in Mathematics gives him a strong analytic grounding indeed.

Kittiampon Samboonsod

Elliott Wave Analyst for Cryptos

“You will never fail – if you haven't given up yet."

Kittiampon started investing with some basic knowledge under his belt. One area he struggled with though, was making sense of a sideways market. Answering the question of when prices were about to go sideways, and how long that condition might last seemed essential.

During his quest to find an answer to that question, Kittiampon discovered Elliott Wave theory and discovered that the proper application of the theory allowed him to identify trends, determine the integrity of that trend, identify reversal points within the trend and provided a high probability target price.

He has been successfully applying Elliott Wave Theory to inform his own investment strategies for many years now, and is constantly learning more, experimenting and testing.


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